Hello, World.


How did we get here? How the hell? Pan left, close on the steeple of the church.

Yes, that is from Rent. I have always been drawn to that show on many levels – both as a very moving story and a metaphor for so many things in my life.

How did I get here? It has been a hell of a ride. And I suspect the ride over the next several months will be bumpy, exciting, scary, fun, depressing, and as many other opposites as we can work into this. I can’t even bring myself yet to say why I am doing this blog because frankly, nothing is a done deal. And it is scary as shit for me to be blogging about it yet without it having come into fruition.

So maybe I will start with my intended ground rules for this blog. Maybe this will become a sticky post. So many mysteries.

  1. I am being real and I am being honest. But these are also my opinions and experiences. Not only will others’ mileage vary in their journeys, but their experiences might be completely contrary to anything I write here. That is fine and that is cool. It is all in keeping with life. But please be respectful if you comment about me or my writings, either to me or elsewhere. Be a good human.

  2. I could have written this blog anonymously. I didn’t. The reason is because I have an opinion that I think needs to be heard and taken seriously. It can sometimes be hard to be taken seriously when posting anonymously. Sometimes it comes across as just trash talk. I am not going to be that way. If you are going to comment on what I write, please don’t be that way yourself.

  3. I am only human. I am going to do my best to not trash talk things. I will try not to screw up, but I will likely fail. I beg forgiveness.

  4. I have a potty mouth sometimes. (Sometimes? Who the fuck am I kidding?) If that offends you, you know where the door is.

Written on June 24, 2017